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The UBDC runs a wide range of events: providing information on our services, training people in the skills required to use them and disseminating results.

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GIS-based facility location analysis for the public and private sectors

As part of our interactive Data Dives series, we will be helping you to explore facility location analysis. Siting key facilities, such as hospitals and fire stations, in the right locations is vital for providing the services we need. Cities are continually reviewing the location of these facilities as populations grow or services are reorgani...

23.10.20 | Training

Articulating strategies to address heat resilience through the Salvation Army Metro Phoenix utility assistance data

Dr Qunshan Zhao, Lecturer in Urban Analytics at UBDC and Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow, will present this talk as part of the SAD Seminar Series 2020. Long-term community resilience, which privileges a long view look at chronic, slow-moving issues affecting communities, has begun to draw more attention from researchers and policymak...

03.11.20 | External Engagement