Working with Government

Effective models for data-driven collaborations between Universities and Government

We have produced a range of knowledge-sharing presentations, which aim to highlight the benefits of identifying opportunities for collaboration between academic researchers and local authorities on projects that utilise urban data. They also explain the need for effective models for cooperation, so that all parties can benefit from the potential rewards of these partnerships.

Tutorials in this series:


Collaboration example 1: CCTV Object Detection Project

In this session collaborators from Glasgow City Council and UBDC describe their efforts to apply novel image detection methods to data from Glasgow’s existing CCTV network to automatically count pedestrians and vehicles.

After watching this video you will have an understanding of how this project offers perspectives on mobility habits throughout the city, minimising costs and offering scalability across space and time. You will also learn how open count data enables researchers, the local authority and interested third parties to assess the impact of recent infrastructural developments within the city, and also helps inform subsequent investments.

Presented by:

  • Dr Mark Livingston, Lead - Housing & Neighbourhoods, Urban Big Data Centre
  • Kimberley Hose, Head of Business Intelligence, Glasgow City Council


Collaboration example 2: Exploration of access to public services in the digital age

In this session we explore how research on unequal access to public services can be brought into the digital age, comprising an analysis of data from within North Lanarkshire Council’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, focusing primarily on environmental and maintenance provision.

After watching this video you will have an understanding of how reported issues data reveal information about levels of demand and types of engagement and actions data offer perspectives on the Authority’s responses, which may include the provision of additional services or resources or changes to policy or practice. You will also learn how people living in North Lanarkshire neighbourhoods will benefit from the work through the improvement of their environmental quality.

Presented by:

  • Professor Annette Hastings, Urban Studies, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Yang Wang, Research Associate, Urban Big Data Centre
  • Nicole Paterson, Head of Environmental Assets, North Lanarkshire Council


Building experiences with government data owners

In this session, we explain how the Urban Big Data Centre provides access to data and other support through our data services. You will also hear about other opportunities to collaborate within the context of our wider programme of data-driven urban research.

Presented by:

  • Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior Data Science Manager, Urban Big Data Centre