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Lifelong learning, learning cities and smart cities

UBDC's Professor Mike Osborne will take part in a panel session on 'insights on learning and training for livable cities' at this Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) webinar. It will present the recently published ADB book ‘Powering a Learning Society During an Age of Disruption’, with contributions fro...

02.12.21 | External Engagement

A multicriteria optimization framework for urban social media analytics

Professor João Porto de Albuquerque, Deputy Director of UBDC, will present at this International Journal of Geographical Information Science (IJGIS) webinar. Professor João Porto de Albuquerque and Professor Sidgley Camargo de Andrade, Federal University of Technology - Paraná, will discuss their paper which takes multicriteria optimization to...

29.11.21 | External Engagement

Taking the carbon out of transport: How might data help us?

Dr David McArthur, Associate Director for Training and Capacity Building at UBDC and Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies at the University of Glasgow, and Rafael Verduzco, PhD Researcher, will deliver a keynote at this event to celebrate 10 years of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science. The scale of the climate emergency demands a dr...

04.11.21 | External Engagement

Triangulating Novel Mixed-Method Educational Data to Develop Effective, Evidence-Based Policy

UBDC’s programme involves not only large quantities of data but also the linkage and integration of diverse and often novel types of data. The UBDC’s Education and labour markets group has employed a spectrum of complementary quantitative and qualitative methods, often blurring the lines between, to address educational inequalities, with a view...

28.09.21 | Training